Lithuania: Two ‘wildcards’ head for Eurovizijos Atranka Semi-Finals

Greta Zazza and Ruta Loop may have thought their dreams had died when they were eliminated at the heat stage – but now they’ve been given another chance to represent Lithuania in Lisbon.

A special online vote extended a Lithuanian lifeline to 12 of the acts who’d lost out in the six Eurovizijos Atranka heats – and Greta Zazza (4484 votes) and Ruta Loop (3928 votes) emerged triumphant. Greta will take her song ‘Broken Shadows’ to the first Semi-Final this Saturday (24th February):

Ruta will perform her song ‘Positive Thoughts’ in the second Semi-Final on Saturday 3rd March:

Hey, Ruta, it looks like you were right about the positive thoughts thing…

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