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Lithuania: Milita Daikerytė withdraws from Eurovizijos 2015

On Saturday, the 4th show of the Lithuanian selection Eurovizijos 2015 will be shown, as the baltic country continues to search for the artist, that will represent them in Vienna. However one of the 9 artists, that qualified from last week’s show will not be performing, as the singer Milita Daikerytė has withdrawn from the competition due to illness.

Eurovizijos will continue with the 8 remaining artists, who on Saturday again will sing the songs that are competing to represent Lithuania at Eurovision, but in different combinations from last week. If you want to vote for which song should represent Lithuania, you can do so here.

We on wish Milita Daikerytė a speedy recovery, and hope to see her try out for Eurovizijos again in the future. Below you can check her performances on the show.

Milita performance of “Tarp Tavęs Ir Manęs” from week 1



Milita’s performance of “Only Love Can Hurt Like This” from week 2



Milita’s performance of “Dangerous (S.O.S.)” from week 3



Source:  LRT
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