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Lithuania: Final qualifiers before semi final to be selected today

Eurovizija will pick the final 4 contestants of the 8 performers tonight, who will go on to the semi final. There, they will meet the 4 qualifiers from last week, led by Aistė Pilvelytė. In a somewhat sad set of circumstances, Lolita Zero did not have enough support (maybe it wasn’t even possible) to make up for the low judge’s score. As fun as she was, the judges do seem to be going for the best act for Lithuania.

Ramunas Zilnys and Darius Uzkuraitis, are joined this week again by Nomeda Kazlaus, and director Dalia Ibelhauptaite. They have viewed the performances earlier this week and have given their comments.

  • Alanas Chošnau “7 Days”

Uzkuraitis commented on the unique nature of this Italian-penned song. Dalia Ibelhauptaite also seemed to enjoy the song, but she agreed with Darius that something was missing. When Alanas assured that something was coming, the retort was that “it may be too late.”

  • Paula “Let U Go”

One of the more current songs popular with fans, but the judges panel seemed to turn on the once popular song. Zilnys felt the moves were very provocative, enough that he would have words with his daughter should she dance in a similar fashion. He also felt that “Let U Go” was no longer inspiring the same amount of interest as it had in earlier rounds. The other gentlemen both came away with less than favorable reviews of Paula’s performance, but Dalia was happy to have Paula embrace her inner sexy girl.

  • Gabrielius Vagelis “Feel Myself Free”

Zilnys was the only one to key in to the new arrangement of the song, which he felt was for the better, but the rest of the panel did enjoy the sing and voice of Mr. Vagelis. “I love your delicate singing style,” said Uzkuraitis.

  • Queens of Roses “Fisherman”

“Wacky,” said Zilnys, even if he admitted that he did like it. He figured if Italy has a giant gorilla, Lithuania could have someone with a fish head. He figured the girls would make it to the semi final, but Dalia was less than impressed. Uzkuraitis agreed that both expected more of the girls.

  • Kotryna Juodzevičiūtė “Love Shadow”

Uzkuraitis enjoyed this round more than the others he had seen from Kotryna while Kaslaus appreciated the singer’s unique vocal qualities. Zilnys was direct in his statement that this was the first song of the night that MUST make the final—let alone the semi final.

  • Mia “Sacrifice”

Mia stuck with her chair, steps and no dancing for the performance…maybe she thought the judges wouldn’t care? Uzkuraitis conceded then that the whole thing was fine, standard, but fine. Ibelhauptaite had never seen the performance and was in shock over the chair and high stairs. She called for someone to tow it off the stage. Mia probably won’t be joining us next week.

  • Fusedmarc “Rain of Revolution”

The winner of the night, Zilnys said this song sounded like it came from the repertoire of Róisín Murphy, and thought it was an incredible song for Eurovision. Dalia called the song ‘very modern’ and was very happy with the ‘strength and passion that Fusedmarc brought to the song. She felt this would be a worthy song to represent Lithuania.

  • Valerija Iljinaitė “You Made Me Glow”

“You have a very good, high voice. Such voices are impressive and seems to appeal to people,” gushed Ibelhauptaite over Valerija’s voice, but she felt that the singer wasn’t really connecting to the material deep within.

By most standards, it was a quiet week. Fusedmarc will easily walk away with the win here. Gabrielius Vagelis will most likely make it to the next round, but everyone else better be hoping for a good amount of support from the audience to keep themselves in the game.

Remember to watch this entertaining instalment of Eurovizija at 20:00 CET on the LRT feed or on our ESC+Plus Live Feeds.


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