Lisa Angell to represent France, listen to a snippet!

Earlier this morning, France 2 has announced the representative of France in Eurovision 2015!

Lisa Angell will sing “N’oubliez pas” on Vienna’s stage in May. The song is written by Robert Goldman and produced by Jean-Claude Camus. The title means “Don’t Forget” and despite being written in November, its lyrics can be associated with the recent attacks in Paris. Lisa says that we shouldn’t forget the tragedy but we should also remember the good times we had before this.

Lisa confirmed her participation by posting a message on Facebook saying: “I have the great pleasure to inform you that I will represent France at Eurovision on 23 May next year in Vienna. I am proud and happy! I kiss you.”

There is a 30-second snippet of the song which you can listen to here.

What do you think about the French choice?



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