Latvia: Listen to the Supernova 2020 songs – Participants announced

LTV has just published the songs that will compete at this year’s Latvian national selection for the Eurovision Song Contest. The Supernova 2020 audition round will feature 26 entries selected from the 126 submissions received.

Once again, Supernova will help Latvia decide their next hopeful for the Eurovision Song Contest. A record number of 126 entries were submitted for the Baltic national selection. Then, a jury panel consisting of 18 professionals selected the 26 acts that will take part in the audition round:

  1. Aivo Oskis – “Dive Deep”
  2. Alekss Silvers – “Again”
  3. Alise Haijama – “Me Me Song”
  4. Annemarija Moiseja – “Undo”
  5. ANNNA – “Polyester”
  6. Antra Stafecka & Atis Ieviņš – “Coming Over”
  7. Audiokvartāls – “Connection”
  8. Bad Habits – “Sail With You”
  9. DRIKSNA – “Stay”
  10. Edgars Kreilis – “Tridymite”
  11. Elizabete Gaile – “For You”
  12. Katrīna Bindere – “I Will Break Your Heart”
  13. Katrīna Dimanta – “Heart Beats”
  14. Laika Upe – “All My Roads”
  15. Līva – “Not That Important To You”
  16. Madara – “Māras zeme”
  17. Maia – “Make It Real”
  18. Markus Riva – “Impossible”
  19. Miks Dukurs – “I’m Falling For You”
  20. Rūta Ķergalve – “Izgaismots”
  21. Sabīne Blūma Blūmane – “Beauty Will Save the World”
  22. Samanta Tīna – “Still Breathing”
  23. Seleste – “Like Me”
  24. Shanti – “Voices In My Mind”
  25. Signe & Jānis – “Inner Light”
  26. Toms Kalderauskis – “Be My Truth”

This year’s Supernova will be made up of a single show, a national final that will see 8 songs compete to represent Latvia in Rotterdam. A professional jury panel will select the finalists based on their own criteria and YouTube feedback. The announcement will take place on January 16th.

“Television viewers will only be actively involved in the evaluation of the songs by voting in the live broadcast of the final. 8 final songs will be chosen by the jury, also considering how the songs will be judged by the audience on the YouTube platform.”, said the producer of Supernova Ilze Jansone.

Will Latvia find the act that will make them go through the semifinals after three unsuccessful years?

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