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Junior Eurovision: Ukranian finalists published!

Ukranian broadcaster NTU has published the names of the 20 finalists to compete at national final for Junior Eurovision 2013, some songs have been lacked on the social network Vkontakhe:

  1. Inessa Gritsaenko
  2. Hristina Tkachuk – Mama
  3. Erik Saharian
  4. Duet “Radiosim’ya”
  5. Sofia Kutsenko (Kyiv)
  6. Andriy Boyko – Lyubov u Kozhnomu
  7. Anna Vagabova – Happy Life
  8. Alim Khakimov
  9. Kirill Sokolov – Divchinka-Schastya
  10. Yana Guruliova – Oi ty, Vitre
  11. Band Kapriz
  12. Sofia Kutsenko (Kharkiv) – Rozpovid
  13. Trio “Bon Appetite”
  14. Band “Co.Mix”
  15. Valeri
  16. Dmitry Ludanniy – Zasinay
  17. Adelina Logvynenko
  18. Ivnna Orlyuk – Chekayu

Two more finalist are the winners of the First National Project “Music Academy of Eurovision”:

  1. Polina Andreeva – Tvoya Zemlya
  2. Sofia Tarasova

The 20 finalists were chosen among 53 semi-finalists by a professional jury: Vladislav Baginskiy (NTU), Victoriya Romanova (Ukranian head of delegation), Mikhail Nekrasov (arranger, composer and producer, composer of “Gravity” – Eurovision 2012 and winner song “Wild Dances” – Eurovision 2004) and Alla Popova (singer and TV host).

All finalists are going to spend some days with special preparations, coachers and activities in the International Children’s Center in Artek where the national final will take place on Augus 2nd, 2013.

Junior Eurovision

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