Junior Eurovision

Junior Eurovision: Spain ready to come back

According to Yago Fandiño, responsible for children programming at  RTVE, Spain could return to Junior Eurovision Song Contest If EBU changes the format.

During the TV program “RTVE Responde” Yago Fandiño has answered around 40 questions about the returning of Spain to the Junior Eurovision Competition.  After the launch of MasterChef Junior, many people think that RTVE should come back to the contest (“Euro Junior” in Spain) to allow children to show their artistic talent.


Yago Fandiño has explained that Spanish TV withdrew the Contest because It noticed that the format was changging, the children’s image wasn’t the right one and RTVE didn’t share those stereotypes. They also received many complaints from the spectators about It.

Spain has taken part at Junior Eurovision four times with a big success, they won the second edition in 2004 and they got two second places (2003 and 2004) and a fourth one in 2006.

Some months ago EBU announced a format change wich could attract new countries to participate (only 8 countries have confirmed for the 2013 edition). “We have a Steering Group that is revamping the contest to take it into the next stage of its life,” said the Executive Supervisor of the contest, Vladislav Yakovlev. “Some new format elements will be included in this year’s event, including second and third prizes for outstanding participants as a way to acknowledge the enormous range of talent that our young performers possess.”

Deadline for the contest passed some days ago but as they didn’t collect the minimum required (12 countries), they are running some re-talk with some broadcasters to join the competition in 2013.

Will Spain be one of the next confirmed participating countries? Will EBU reach the minimum required?

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