Junior Eurovision: Nadezhda Misyakova to represent Belarus!

14-year-old Nadezhda Misyakova has just won the Belarussian national selection for Junior Eurovision 2014, she will sing “Sokol” representing Belarus in Malta!



The winner has been chosen among 10 candidates by a mix of jury and public televote:

  1. Yulia Levina – Zhuravy
  2. Anna Ermakovich – Mama, Eto Ya!
  3. Nadezhda Misyakova – Sokol
  4. Vlada Darashevich – Ya Veryu v Svoyu Mechtu!
  5. Elena Titova – Stsena
  6. Daria Atroshenko – Spoyot Solntse
  7. Angelina Pipper – Vishe Vsekh
  8. Ksenia & Pavel – Mamina Lyubov
  9. Antoni Konoplyanik – Mister Perviy
  10. Anna Zaitseva – Geta Moy Lyos

Watch the full show again by clicking here.



Three acts have ended with the same amount of points (Anna Zaitseva, Ksenia & Pavel and Nadezhda Misyakova), juries have finally chosen Nadezhda Misyakova to represent Belarus. Vlada Darashevich has won the public televote while she has ended last in juries.

Belarussian final has been hosted by Eurovision 2014 participant Teo (Yuri Vashchuk) and Junior Eurovision 2013 bronze medalist Ilya Volkov, who have been also performing as guests of the show. Belarussian representatives at Junior Eurovision 2003 (Volha Satsiuk) 2004 (Yahor Vauchok) and 2011 (Lidia Zablotskaya) as well as Ilya Volkov have also performed before the results.


  • Where and when were you born? 1 June, 2000 in Minsk Where do you live? Minsk
  • What studio do you take singing lessons at? Zaranak ensemble at Vladimir Mulyavin National Music Art Centre, Vasily Senkov’s vocal studio
  • What contests did you take part in? Land under White Wings (1st place), Maladzіchok (1st place), European Cup (Grand Prix), Crimea Waves (1st place), New Names (1st place), Golden Bee (2nd place), Wind Rose (2nd place), TV project I’m Singing, national radio contest Young Talents of Belarus
  • What do you do before going on stage? I think about the song and kiss my Mum
  • Why did you choose this song for the contest? To date, it matches my mood best, it is so romantic!
  • What is your recipe of good mood? Hanging out with interesting people and listening to lots of good and cheerful music
  • Who are your music idols? Currently, I’m into Lana Del Ray’s music
  • What are your hobbies besides music? Writing poems, dancing

Nadya Misyakova had already taken part at Belarussian selection for Junior Eurovision twice, in 2012 with the Ensembe “Zaranak” and in 2013 as a soloist singing “Delovaya”. “Sokol” is written by Nadya herself and arranged by the participant at Eurovision selections Uzari.

What do you think about the Belarussian choice?

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