Junior Eurovision: Georgia releases music video for ‘You Are Not Alone’

Sandra Gadelia was born in 2011, so she has just turned 9, the minimum age to participate in Junior Eurovision. Her taste for music and entertainment comes to her from a very young age, since at the age of three she began uploading her first videos to a YouTube channel that her mother created for her. She liked the audiovisual world so much that at the age of 6 she made her debut on Russian national television, within the program “Little big shots” in which she became known thanks to a cover of the song “It’s my life”, by Jon Bon Jovi. The video went viral across Russia and Georgia.

Sandra also makes her first steps as a model in children’s parades and is an actress in musicals, among which the famous musical dedicated to the Hollywood actress, Pola Negri, stands out. This musical has taken him to tour the most prestigious stages in the world, highlighting capitals such as Moscow, Kiev, Warsaw, Saint Petersburg, Berlin, Nice, so he has some experience on the stage. Earlier this year she was selected from more than 400 applicants to compete in the Georgian national preselection, the traditional “Ranina”, which have been held more than a dozen galas with the aim of selecting the Georgian representative for Junior Eurovision. After many rounds, it emerged as the winner of the format. This same process has been carried out since 2018.

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