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Junior Eurovision 2018 logo, date and details to be revealed tomorrow

BTRC has announced they will reveal further details of the 2018 Junior Eurovision Song Contest tomorrow at 19.00 CET. The announcement will take place during the broadcast of the evening news magazine Glavniy Efir, where the logo, slogan, date and venue are expected to be unveiled.

Last month, representatives of the European Broadcasting Union and the members of the Steering Group gathered in Belarus to continue the preparations for the upcoming Junior Eurovision, that will be held in Minsk for the second time. They visited BelExpo exhibition, the possible venue for the Opening Ceremony, the venue, as well as the President-Hotel, which will provide accommodation for the delegations, the singers and their families. The Euroclub will also be located there.

Logo Competition

More than 300 applications were received during the submission period of the logo competition run by the Belarusian broadcaster to find the art design and motto for the 2018 contest. The logo, whose designer will be interviewed at tomorrow’s special, was selected by the European Broadcasting Union.

Minsk was selected to host Junior Eurovision 2018 a few months ago, after a voting of the steering group members. To ensure the longevity of the contest and allow more time for preparations, they decided to remove the clause of the Rules that gave the winning broadcaster the right to host the contest. This decision makes the first time since 2012 that the winning country of Junior Eurovision won’t have the right to host the contest the following year.

Jon Ola Sand, the EBU’s Head of Live Events said: “The rule change to allow a host for next year’s competition to be chosen earlier not only gives the host broadcaster longer to prepare what is a huge production but also protects the future of the Junior Eurovision Song Contest. BTRC’s application to host was extremely strong, and we have full confidence that they will put the same enthusiasm into the preparations of next year’s event.”

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