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Poll Results: This is your winner of Junior Eurovision 2017

Junior Eurovision 2017 will take place today live from Tbilisi’s Olympic Palace and we already have the results of our ESC+Plus special prediction! A lot of votes have been received throughout these past days and they have been all verified, thus the spam voting is now eliminated. Take a look at the results below!

Junior Eurovision Song Contest 2017

Belarus: Helena Meraai - I Am The One 1825
Russia: Polina Bogusevich - Wings 1821
Australia: Isabella Clarke - Speak Up 1392
Poland: Alicja Rega - Mój Dom 1209
The Netherlands: FOURCE - Love Me 1062
Malta: Gianluca Cilia - Dawra Tond 1055
FYR Macedonia: Mina Blažev - Dancing Through Life 1055
Armenia: Misha - Boomerang 972
Cyprus: Nicole Nicolaou - I Wanna Be A Star 928
Ukraine: Anastasiya Baginska - Don´t Stop 887
Italy: Maria Iside Fiore - Scelgo 840
Georgia: Grigol Kipshidze - Voice Of The Heart 648
Ireland: Muireann McDonnell - Suile Glasa 643
Portugal: Mariana Venâncio - Youtuber 553
Serbia: Irina Brodić & Jana Paunović - Ceo Svet Je Naš 464
Albania: Ana Kodra - Don’t Touch My Tree (Mos Ma Prekni Pemen) 422

Number of voters: 251

Helena Meraai from Belarus has taken the victory in our poll! Although this does not match in any way with the final result we will see in a couple of hours, it could still be an orientation to see how the taste of our users is going through.

16 countries will take part at this year’s competition, Helen Kalandadze and Lizi Pop will introduce them to Europe and the world, whilst last year’s winner Mariam Mamadashvili and 2015 Georgian act in the contest, The Virus will perform on stage. There will also be a special performance by the hosts, as well as some traditional Georgian dances.

Thanks to everyone who voted and good luck to all the participants of this year’s Junior Eurovision Song Contest. This is just a prediction and although everyone deserves the victory, there has to be a winner… but now the question is: will we be having the same winner later on?

Junior Eurovision, Junior Eurovision 2017

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