Italy: Listen to the songs competing in Sanremo 2019

The songs competing in Sanremo 2019 have been premiered live at the first night of the Italian music festival. One of them might represent Italy at Eurovision 2019 as the winner of the contest will be awarded the right to wave the country’s flag in Tel Aviv.

You can watch today’s performances and listen to the songs below:

This year once again,  all 24 candidates will compete in the final night, so no one will be eliminated in the previous shows. Whereas, the fourth evening will see all entrants perform duet songs with guest artists.

The winner of Sanremo 2019 will be decided by a combination of public televoting, an expert panel and press members. Voting will remain the same as in previous years. In nights one to three; televoting will decide 40% of the vote, the jury will decide 30% and the jury of the press room the remaining 30%. Nights four and five will see; 50% televoting, 30% jury of the press room and 20% of the expert jury.

Sanremo 2019 schedule:

  • February 5 – First Night ( The 24 candidates perform their entries)
  • February 6 – Second Night (12 candidates perform their entries)
  • February 7 – Third Night (Another 12 candidates perform their entries)
  • February 8 – Fourth Night (24 candidates perform songs with guest artists)
  • February 9 – Final (24 candidates perform their entries and the winner is revealed)

Don’t miss the second night tomorrow! Meanwhile, you can comment on your favourite songs and vote in our poll below!

Sanremo 2019 - Final

Il Volo - Musica che resta499
Irama - La ragazza col cuore di latta362
Nek - Mi farò trovare pronto360
Ultimo - I tuoi particolari349
Mahmood - Soldi244
Arisa - Mi sento bene222
Federica Carta & Shade - Senza farlo apposta200
Loredana Bertè - Cosa ti aspetti da me197
Anna Tatangelo - Le nostre anime di notte160
Einar - Parole nuove153
Paola Turci - L´ultimo ostacolo149
Motta - Dov´è l´Italia122
Enrico Nigiotti - Nonno Hollywood116
Daniele Silvestri - Argento vivo115
Simone Cristicchi - Abbi cura di me104
Boomdabash - Per un milione102
The Zen Circus - L´amore è una dittatura85
Francesco Renga - Aspetto che torni76
Ghemon - Rose viola74
Achille Lauro - Rolls Royce69
Ex-Otago - Solo una canzone59
Patty Pravo ft. Briga - Un po´ come la vita51
Nino D´Angelo & Livio Cori - Un´altra luce42
Negrita - I ragazzi stanno bene34

Number of voters: 63
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