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Italy 2023: The results of the second night of the national final

Below you can find the results of the second night of the Italian national final, Festival di Sanremo 2023.

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Festival di Sanremo 2023

On February 7th 2023 the 73rd edition of the Festival di Sanremo started. The popular Italian televised music festival format was the inspiration for the biggest music festival in the world, the Eurovision Song Contest, and these days the Sanremo Festival also decides the Italian representative of the Eurovision Song Contest of that year.

The results of the Sanremo Festival are based on press voting, which is determined by online journalists, but also from TV journalists, newspapers, and popular Italian magazines.

The results of the second night

Below you can find the results of the second night of the Sanremo Festival 2023:

  1. Colapesce DiMartino – Splash
  2. Madame – Il bene nel male
  3. Tananai – Tango
  4. Lazza – Cenere
  5. Giorgia – Parole dette male
  6. Rosa Chemical – Made in Italy
  7. Paola e Chiara – Furore
  8. Levante – Vivo
  9. Articolo 31 – Un bel viaggio
  10. Modà – Lasciami
  11. LDA – Se poi domani
  12. Will – Stupido
  13. Shari – Egoista
  14. Sethu – Cause perse 

Thes results of night 1 were combined with those night 2 to create the first full ranking of the festival. The ranking after two nights is the following:

  1. Marco Mengoni – Due vite
  2. Colapesce DiMartino – Splash
  3. Madame – Il bene nel male
  4. Tananai – Tango
  5. Elodie – Due
  6. Come_Cose – L’addio
  7. Lazza – Cenere
  8. Giorgia – Parole dette male
  9. Rosa Chemical – Made in Italy
  10. Ultimo – Alba
  11. Leo Gassman – Terzo cuore
  12. Mara Sattei – Duemilaminuti
  13. Colla Zio – Non mi va
  14. Paola e Chiara – Furore
  15. Cugini di Campagna – Lettera 22
  16. Levante – Vivo
  17. Mr. Rain – Supereroi
  18. Articolo 31 – Un bel viaggio
  19. Gianluca Grignani – Quando ti manca il fiato
  20. Ariete – Mare di guai
  21. Modà – Lasciami
  22. gIANMARIA – Mostro
  23. OLLY – Polvere
  24. LDA – Se poi domani
  25. Will – Stupido
  26. Anna Oxa – Sali
  27. Shari – Egoista
  28. Sethu – Cause perse

Watch and listen to the number 1 of the moment, Marco Mengoni – Due Vite.

Source: RAI, Marco Mengoni – Due Vite (2023)

More information about Festival di Sanremo 2023

In the next phase of the Festival di Sanremo 2023 the 28th acts will perform again. The results of the third night of the festival will be decided by 50% public televoting, a demoscopic jury (50%), and these votes will be accumulated with the votes of the previous two nights to come up with an all-new ranking.

Next dates of the Sanremo Festival 2023

Below you can find the remaining dates of the Sanremo Festival 2023.

  • Semi-final 4 – February 10th 2023
  • National Grand Final – February 11th 2023

Eurovision 2022

In the contest of 2022 Mahmood & Blanco represented Italy in their home country, which was the host country of 2022; they sang the song “Brividi”. The duo ended in 6th position (of 25) in the Grand Final. Italy does not have to compete in the Semi-finals, because they are one of the Big Five countries, and in 2022 they were also the previous winner, since the Italian band Måneskin won the contest of 2022 with the song “Zitti e Buoni”.

Source: Official Eurovision Song Contest YouTube channel, Blanco & Mahmood – Brividi (2023)

ESCplus Live

Watch the Festival di Sanremo on our dedicated live platform, “ESCplus Live”, just click the following link to watch:

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