Israel: Line-up for HaKochav HaBa Round 3 complete

Today the second round of HaKochav HaBa has come to an end in Israel. All candidates that qualified from auditions took part in this round, but only 20 acts made it through to the next one.

The audience couldn’t vote in this round of shows. So, the five jurors awarded their points in percentages, either 20% (YES) or 0% (NO) each. A minimum of 60% was required to have the chance to qualify.

The following candidates qualified tonight:

  • Daniel Mazuz (80%)
  • Avraham de Carvalho (80%)
  • Tchelet Perlmutter (60%)
  • Ketreyah (60%)
  • Naveh Madmon (100%)

Amit Sadeh, Judith Hasin, both with 20%, and Ofek Adanek (40%) failed to reach the minimum percentage. Tchelet Perlmutter got 60%, but she was also eliminated to meet the requirement of five qualified artists per show.

At today’s show, it was also announced that Etty Bitton, Liat, Noy Sassover, Los Caparos, Berry Brown, Roy Sandler, Mazal Kav, Sara Mushayof, Shira Givony, Mary Benhaim, Eden Vered Mary, Ilai Chapman, Yagel Yadai, Riff Cohen, Niv Yanko, Natalie Wamba Berry, Limor Oved, Zomar Shechtman, Shachar Adawi, Tomer Raz, Chen Rotem, Eliyah Gabai, Bar Cohen, Alik Manshirov, Yuval Shauli, Ehab Atila, Avi Ashur and Gilad Tentzer hadn’t gone through without showing their performances.

So, the list of performers that have made it to the next round is now complete!

  • Lior Chen (80%)
  • Maya Bouskilla (100%)
  • Shefita (80%)
  • Tai (80%)
  • Osher Biton (80%)
  • Clara Sabag (80%)
  • Daniel Barzilai (100%)
  • Naor Cohen (80%)
  • Na’ama Gali Cohen (60%)
  • Shalva Band (100%)
  • Shahaf (80%)
  • Liat Eliyahu (80%)
  • Kobi Merimi (80%)
  • Ofri Halfon (100%)
  • Wanna Wanna (100%)
  • Daniel Mazuz (80%)
  • Avraham de Carvalho (80%)
  • Tchelet Perlmutter (60%)
  • Ketreyah (60%)
  • Naveh Madmon (100%)

Next week, the Israeli talent show will continue with the third round taking place from Sunday 13 to Tuesday 15. All twenty acts will be paired to face off in duels and the winners will move on to the next stage of the competition.

All the performances of HaKochav HaBa are available on Mako’s official website.

Who’s your favourite so far? Stay tuned for more updates on the third round of HaKochav HaBa starting on Sunday!

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