Mélanie René: “My song was inspired by the album ‘Alive’ by Jessie J.” (Swiss finalist – Interview)

ESC+Plus has talked to Mélanie René, one of the six lucky artists who made it to the Swiss national final for Eurovision 2015. Mélanie will sing “Time to Shine” on January 31.

ESC+Plus: Hello Mélanie! Congratulations on having been selected to take part at Swiss national final. How did you experience the final audition? What did you feel when you were told you had qualified for the final?

It was an amazing experience. I feel very happy and touched that the judges believed in me and my song enough to put me through the finals, and I really want to thank them for this. It is now up to me to not let them down.

E+: Since you were a child the music has been a part of your life. What it would mean for you to represent Switzerland in Vienna?

Eurovision is an incredible experience for any singer; it can also be a great springboard for any new artist as there is about 20 million people watching this show.

To represent Switzerland in Vienna would be like a dream come true for me. It is where I was born, and where I started singing and performing. I have spent 7 years studying at Les ateliers du Funambule in Nyon where I emerged as a singer/songwriter.

To be able to represent a country that is so close to my heart in Austria would be an honour.

E+: During your musical career you have taken part in some international contests as “Le Cerf d’Or” and “Georges Gregoriu International Festival”, both in Romania. How these experiences can help you in the Swiss final?

It was a great and rewarding experience. It was my first time singing for a festival that was broadcast live on TV, so I was very nervous. I remember waiting backstage, shaking from head to toe thinking about the cameras, and the judges and all. But once I walked on the stage, all I wanted to do was to give my best to the audience and share emotions and fun with them, and all my nerves and stress disappeared. When I walked off the stage I felt so light and so happy, I barely heard the presenter calling me back on stage, and when I came back I got a standing ovation. It was one of the best moments of my life.

E+: You will sing “Time to Shine” in the Die Große Entscheidungsshow final. Do you think Eurovision would be the perfect time to shine? Can you tell us about your song and the story behind the lyrics?

Yes, of course I am working hard in order to defend the colours of Switzerland. I want to be able to shine for Switzerland 🙂

The song « Time to Shine » was inspired by the album ‘Alive’ by Jessie J.

I used to be very shy, very introverted and I would often go unnoticed. I used to try very hard to be liked, even if it meant being someone I was not. I used to feel miserable because of it.

When I went to England to study music I learnt to appreciate and embrace who I truly was, and it made me feel amazing, it made me feel free.

When I listened to Jessie J’s album, it made me want to write a song about this.

I know there are a lot of people still feeling like this out there and through this song I want them to understand that there is nothing standing between them and their dreams.

Time to shine is about realising it is okay to be who you are, and not to be afraid to stand up for what you believe in.



E+: How was the “Time to Shine” composition procedure?

I started this song by writing the chorus, and the melody came to me at the same time. There was a particular line that I wanted my song to revolve around: « the sky’s the limit now that I know I can fly ». It really means that the only obstacle you face is the one you put in your way. And to realise your abilities/capabilities makes you feel light and free. That line is the highlight of the whole song.

After writing the lyrics, I wanted to experiment with different styles, so I learnt how to use the software Logic Pro and this is how I composed the beat.

E+: Can you give us any hint about your final performance?

I can’t say too much at the moment, you will have to tune in on the 31st of January 😉

E+: What are your main strengths so as to get the support of the juries and televote to reach Eurovision?

Erm I know how to bake an amazing apple crumble!? 🙂 Haha, but seriously I think it will be up to the judges and the audience to determine if they want me to represent Switzerland in Austria. I can only promise that I will do my utmost and my best for Switzerland.

E+: Imagine you win the national final, would you sing in English or in any other language you speak at Eurovision?

No matter how much I love to sing in French, I would sing this song in English just because it is an international language, and I would like people to understand what the song is about.

E+: Would you make a new version?

Haha why, you don’t like it this way? 🙂 I would not be against doing a remix of the song if I have the opportunity.

E+: What can this competition contribute  to your musical career?

It is a really good springboard for artists that are starting their musical career, because there are so many people watching the show. It is a wonderful opportunity for people to discover new artists from different countries.

Maybe amongst the millions of people watching the show there will be someone who would like what I do and become my future producer 😀

Personally I feel extremely blessed to have gotten this far in the competition, and to see how many people are supporting and encouraging me. I want to thank them all from the bottom of my heart.

E+: Do you have any favourite song among the other Swiss finalists?

I think they are all very good and very talented. I’ve listened to all of them several times. But I have to admit a have a slight preference for Deborah’s groovy song.

E+: Do you usually watch Eurovision? Do you have any favourite song in the history of the competition?

Yes, I have watched it often with my mum. To be honest with you I did not have time to listen to every one of them yet, but for the ones I heard they are all very good!

E+: Finally, would you like to send a message for our readers?

I would like to thank everyone who has been supporting and encouraging me since the start of this journey.

You guys are the best 🙂

You can follow Mélanie René on her Official Website and Official Facebook Page.



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