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Ruslana: A Heartfelt Connection to Ukraine & Passion for Freedom – Emotive Exchange at PrePartyES

Ukraine's representative and winner at Eurovision 2004, Ruslana, talked during Madrid's PrePartyES with Jose Rodari about Eurovision and Ukraine's war

Join Ruslana, the ever-passionate Eurovision icon, as she shares her love for her home country of Ukraine and her devotion to freedom in this touching interview at Madrid’s 2023 PrePartyES blue carpet event.

Explore Ruslana’s deep connection to Ukraine as she explains her difficulty in leaving her country even for a moment. Witness her unwavering commitment to her homeland, as she plans to return to Kyiv immediately after the event.

Delve into Ruslana’s powerful message, focusing on the importance of freedom for individuals around the world. Understand her perspective on the ongoing struggles faced by the Ukrainian people and the newfound appreciation for what it means to be truly free.

Embrace the warmth and gratitude Ruslana extends towards the interviewer and the Spanish audience, acknowledging the event’s significance and the amazing people who have welcomed her. Share in her heartfelt desire to be present and support the Eurovision community, while never losing sight of her connection to Ukraine.

Join Ruslana as she celebrates the power of music, freedom, and unity during this poignant blue carpet moment at Madrid’s 2023 PrePartyES event.