Interview Eurovision Switzerland

Remo Forrer (Switzerland 2023) Talks Emotions, Performance, and Shares Excitement for Madrid

Jose Rodari talks with Remo Forrer, Switzerland's representative at Eurovision 2023 about emotions, his performance in Liverpool and more

Switzerland’s Eurovision 2023 representative, Remo Forrer, shares his excitement for visiting Madrid for the first time and his plans to return in the future. Remo discusses his love for the city’s weather and expresses his eagerness to perform his song, “Water Gun,” live in front of the Madrid audience.

As he prepares for his Eurovision performance in Liverpool, Remo reveals that he will be joined by dancers on stage, aiming to translate the song’s emotions and feelings into movements. Though it may be a challenging task, Remo is excited to take it on and deliver a memorable show.

When asked about superstitions and lucky charms, Remo admits he doesn’t have any specific ritual or item but focuses on vocal warm-ups, deep breaths, and meditation before taking the stage. Enjoy this insightful conversation with Remo Forrer as he gears up for Eurovision 2023.