Interview Eurovision Lithuania

Monika Linkytė Talks Eurovision, Style, and Pre-Show Rituals – Lithuania Interview at PrePartyES

Lithuania will be represented in Liverpool by Monika Linkytė who was with Jose Rodari at Madrid's PrePartyES and they talked about Eurovision, Style and Pre-Show rituals

Lithuania’s Eurovision representative, Monika Linkytė, discusses her love for Spain, particularly Madrid, and her desire to come back and live in the country. Monika shares her excitement for Eurovision 2023, taking place in Liverpool, and reveals some details about her performance.

While there won’t be significant changes from her national performance, Monika mentions that she will wear a different dress of the same ombre color. Her backup vocalists, who are also her friends, will remain on stage with her to share the energy and focus of the performance.

Monika talks about her lucky charm, a Buddha tattoo, and her pre-show rituals, which involve deep breathing, praying, and connecting with herself before taking the stage. She believes in spreading positive energy through music and living life through the heart.

With her impressive stage presence and aura, Monika Linkytė is sure to captivate the audience during Eurovision 2023. We wish her the best of luck and look forward to her performance.