Interview Eurovision Eurovision 2023 Sweden

Marcus & Martinus: “Everything just felt right at the moment”

Ifi from ESCplus has been with Marcus & Martinus ahead of Melodifestivalen 2023 final, they have discussed about their journey from Masked Singer to Melodifestivalen, their music and their succeed in Norway

In this exclusive interview with Ifi, an ESCplus reporter from Sweden, Norwegian pop duo Marcus & Martinus talk about their journey from winning Masked Singer in Sweden to representing the country in the Melodifestivalen with their hit song “Air”. They discuss how their busy schedule prevented them from participating in previous Eurovision events and what led them to finally take the plunge.

The twins also talk about their experience working with Swedish songwriters and producers, and how it has influenced the direction of their music. They share their passion for creating personal and meaningful lyrics in their songs, and how their new approach has resonated with fans.

Ifi also delves into the personal lives of Marcus & Martinus, discussing their early success in Norway and their journey to becoming one of the most popular pop duos in Scandinavia. They talk about their biggest hit to date, “Elektrisk”, and how it broke records in Norway by staying on the top 10 list for 66 weeks.

Finally, Marcus & Martinus share their thoughts on the future of their music, and how they plan to continue evolving as artists. They discuss their plans for upcoming tours and projects, and how they hope to connect with fans around the world.