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Loreen talks to ESCplus: “Melodifestivalen unites people in a unique way”

Our Swedish reporter Ifi has been with Loreen, favourite to win Melodifestivalen 2023 who has talked about her journey through music, Melodifestivalen and her life

Loreen, the Swedish singer who won Eurovision 2012, sits down with Ifi from Sweden to discuss her journey leading up to the Swedish national final for Eurovision, Melodifestivalen. As a former winner of Eurovision, Loreen has had to navigate the pressures of competition and the expectations that come with being a successful artist. In this interview, she shares her perspective on how positive energy can create positive results, and how frustration can hinder progress.

During the interview, Loreen emphasizes the importance of connecting with what is positive within oneself and others, rather than focusing on negativity. She believes that positive energy creates a ripple effect, and that it’s important to spread joy and fun to create a positive impact. This mindset has helped her stay grounded and focused throughout her career, and she hopes to inspire others to adopt this approach as well.

Loreen also reflects on the challenges of competing in Melodifestivalen, the Swedish national final for Eurovision. She acknowledges that the competition can be intense, but believes that it unites people in a unique way. She also notes that music is subjective and that it’s impossible to compete with taste. Instead, she encourages people to focus on the positive aspects of the competition, such as the opportunity to connect with others and share their music with a wider audience.

With Melodifestivalen approaching, Loreen is excited to share her music with the world once again. Her positive energy and unique perspective make her a strong candidate to represent Sweden at Eurovision 2023. Don’t miss this interview to learn more about Loreen’s journey and her thoughts on competing at Melodifestivalen. ESCplus is your source for Eurovision news, interviews, and analysis.