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La Zarra (Eurovision 2023) on Her Performance and Embracing Tradition: ‘I Want People to Have Fun’

France will be represented in Liverpool by La Zarra who talked with Jose Rodari and Cristhian Solano during Madrid's PrePartyES about her performance at Eurovision and much more

Join La Zarra, France’s 2023 Eurovision representative, as she discusses her first time in Madrid and her love for the city. Delve into her plans for her upcoming performance in Liverpool, as she promises to respect France’s rich musical history while delivering a chic and modern show.

Discover La Zarra’s reaction to being considered one of the most potential winners of the Eurovision Song Contest. Learn how her emotional and sentimental song is inspired by her love for classic French music, as well as her own personal touch.

Find out La Zarra’s horoscope sign, Virgo, and how it might influence her journey in the competition. Don’t miss this insightful interview with the French singer, as she shares her excitement and determination to deliver a memorable performance on the Eurovision stage.