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Interview: Sergej Ćetković (Montenegro 2014) speaks to Esc+Plus (EXCLUSIVE)

On November 19th it was announced by Montenegrin broadcaster RTCG that popular singer Sergej Ćetković will represent the country at next year’s Eurovision Song Contest in Copenhagen.

Esc+Plus can now present an exclusive interview with Sergej, where he tells us a bit about his preparations for the contest, when he expect his Eurovision song to be presented to the public, and he even dishes on who have been his personal favorites in ESC throughout the years.

Esc+Plus: Hello Sergej! Thank you very much for giving us the opportunity to do this interview with you.

Esc+Plus: How were you chosen as the Montenegrin representative at Eurovision 2014, and what were your feelings after being selected?

Sergej: RTCG contacted me with the offer to represent Montenegro at next year’s Eurovision and I immediately accepted with pleasure, and I am very happy that I will have the chance to represent my country at Eurovision. We have enough time to prepare the song properly and think about how we will set up the performance, and we hope that we will achieve a good result for Montenegro next year. This is a new page in my biography and a new challenge in my 14-year-old carreer.

E+: Could you tell us something about what type of song you will sing? In what language will you sing, and will you record versions in different languages?

Sergej: My team of producers and I have carefully followed what is happening on the European music scene. Like every time when you record a song, we spend a lot of time in the studio, and every day new details and moments are happening. We have already prepared much of the song, and we wish to say as much as possible in the 3 minutes we have. The song is a a ballad, a love song, dedicated to everyone who can find the message in it, and find a part of their own story in the song. It will be prepared in more languages, because I wish to present my music to Europe in the right way.

E+: When do you expect that the song will be released?

Sergej: Our plan is that the song will be released in late January, and we also will prepare a music video at that time.

E+: Have you already thought about how the stage presentation for your song will be in Copenhagen?

Sergej: I wish, that it is my music that will attract attention, rather than the performance and the effects on stage. Because I am two metres tall, I don’t really see myself dancing and jumping around the stage or doing some incredible choreography. I want it all to be very simple, and I want the song to speak for itself.

E+: Do you have any plans to travel to other countries and promote your song after it has been released? For example there is the Eurovision in concert in Amsterdam ,where many delegations are usually present.

Sergej: Of course! There is much work awaiting us with promoting the Eurovision song, and I will do my best to make sure that my work will be presented in as many places as possible, and that people that way will get to know about my country and its people.

E+: What do you expect from participating in Eurovision? What is your goal?

Sergej: After the phenomenal performances from my colleagues (former Montenegrin participants), who have in the last couple of years presented different musical performances, I hope that I will as well fulfil the expectations that people have from me, and I will try to present my country and my music in the best possible way I can. I hope that we will achieve a great result next year.

E+: Have you followed Eurovision in the past and do you have some favorite songs from the previous contests?

Sergej: I have followed Eurovision for many years, and in 2012 I even had the opportunity to experience it all live in Baku. I see Eurovision as the biggest music festival and of course as one of the biggest television shows. I feel that there has been missing some songs, where only the composition has been in focus, but I do understand that it is hard to do that in just three minutes. My personal favorites from the contest are ”Waterloo” by ABBA, both of Johnny Logan’s songs, and ”Insieme 1992” by Toto Cotugno, and I hope my song can reach some of the success, those songs have had.

E+: The slogan for next year’s Eurovision is ”Join Us!” and the Danish broadcaster DR has said that in 2014, they will try to make the fans come closer to the artists and get to know them better, so could you tell us something about yourself, so our readers can get to know you a little?

Sergej: I am not very good at describing myself. I always say that my music and my work describes me the best. I’m pretty sure many journalists find me boring. I don’t want to appear in the media at all costs, because I don’t want my carreer to be build on stories and scandals. I just love to work with music, and I am beyond thankful to everyone who supports what I am doing, because without them I wouldn’t be able to work with the things I love.

E+: Do you have a message for the readers of Esc+Plus?

Sergej: Thank you very much for your support. I hope you will enjoy some wonderful moments with the people you love while listening to my music. See you in Copenhagen. I love you very much.

We want to thank Sergej Ćetković very much for taking the time to do this interview, and we wish him and Montenegreo the best of luck in Copenhagen.


You can read more about Sergej and listen to his music on his website


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