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Interview: Conchita Wurst (Austria 2014) speaks to ESC+Plus! (EXCLUSIVE)

A few days ago the third Eurovision 2014 participant was announced, Conchita Wurst has been selected by ORF to represent Austria in Copenhague and here is one of her first web-interviews!

Hello Conchita!First of all, many thanks for giving us the opportunity to interview you as one of the first Eurovision 2014 known entrants until the date.

Esc+Plus: How did you receive the proposal to represent Austria at Eurovision 2014? What were your first feelings after that?

Conchita: There where two situations at the same time. My Agent called me and he was cheering so loud, I couldn’t understand a word. And at the same time i saw the posting of one of my facebook friends saying ‘conchtia was selected for eurovision’. I bursted into tears. 😀 I was so happy and thankful.

E+: After being runner-up in 2012, have you ever think that you were finally going to represent Austria at Eurovision?
C: Oh I never gave up! My Agent used to say ‘after songcontest is before songcontest’ and so we kept on trying.

E+: Are you fan of Eurovision? What’s your favourite Eurovision artist?

C: Are you kidding? I LOVE Eurovision!!! You know, in 1988 my hero Celine Dion won the Contest. I’m born in 1988 and that’s why i always knew i have to perform there too.

E+: What kind of music would you like to send to the contest? Would sing in English or German?

C: It will be in english, that’s all I know so far. All the other things will be choosen during the next weeks.

E+: Will you compose the song by yourself or will you have any help of national or international compositors and producers?

C: I’ll have help, I’m not that talented when it comes to writing a song. My dear Friends and Producers, who also wrote ‘that’s what i am’ with me, will help me again.

E+: Wich innovative things can you contribute to Eurovision?

C: Beside singing, I really want to fight for tolerance in our society.  You know nothing’s more important then having the right to live however you want, as long as you don’t hurt another.

E+: Have you ever travelled to Copenhaguen? What do you think about this as host city? Do you like DR’s (Danish Broadcaster) plans for Eurovision?

C:I’ve never been there and I’m so excited seeing the city! And I’m sure we all will have a good time there.

E+: Could you tell us about your musical career? Wich is the most exciting moment  you have ever live?

C: I’m a profesional singer for about 6 years now and the most exciting thing is definitely the Songcontest.

E+: What do you do in your free time?

C: Oh gosh, I’m so boring. 🙂 Really nothing special…

E+: Can you send a message for our readers and Eurovision fans?

C: Hello everyone! I just wanted to say, that I’m beyond happy about this and I’m so proud an thankful representing Austria. I’ll give the very best that i can and will fight for everyone out there who is feeling a bit different. This song is for you!

E+: Thank you so much, we’ll be waiting your song and see you in Copenhaguen!

C: No, thank YOU! I really appreciate the interest in me!


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