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Ilya: After Nastya Petrik’s victory I promised her to take part at Junior Eurovision 2013 (Exclusive Interview)

Ilya Volkov from Belarus has been chatting with us two weeks before the contest.

Ilya has told us about the shooting of the video clip, how he decided enter the national selection, his hobbies, the big difference between his this and last year’s responsibility at Junior Eurovision… He has also recently talked with last year’s Belarusian representative, his friend Egor Zhesko.

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Hello Ilya! First of all thank you so much for giving us this interview as Belarusian representative at Junior Eurovision 2013 and congratulations on winning the national final 2013!!!

ESC+Plus: How did you feel when you listened your were the winner of Belarusian final 2013? What does being the Belarusian representative at JESC mean for you?

Ilya: I was over the moon! I think representing my country is a very big responsibility.

E+: How did you decided enter the national selection for Junior Eurovision 2013?

I: I decided taking part when I was in Amsterdam to perform with Egor Zheshko at Junior Eurovision 2012. I fall in love with this country, this city and this contest. I promised my friends and the winner Nastya Petrik after her victory that the following year I was going to visit her in Ukraine to take part at Junior Eurovision 2013, and it is happening! =).

E+: How did you join Maxi Briz (dancers) for the competition? Had you already performed with the girls before?

I: I have not worked with them before even I didn’t meet them but their dance studio is near my house. The professionals who are teaching there offered us working together for Junior Eurovision.

E+:  As we know, you were one of the dancers of last year’s representative Egor Zheshko, but can you tell us wich is the difference between taking part as dancer and taking part as main vocalist?

I: It was not my responsibility in Amsterdam. I understand what representing a country means now and the result depends on me.

E+: Have you talked with Egor after being selected as representative? Has he given you any advice?

I: Yes, we were talking and he wished me good luck .

E+: Do you usually watch senior Eurovision? What are your favourite Eurovision singers and songs?

I: I became stunned by the Ukrainian singer Zlata Ognevich at Eurovision, this is not an advert, I really like her and her voice. I told my mother she would win but I also liked Denmark’s song.

E+: Have you listened to the other already selected entries for Junior Eurovision 2013? What do you think about them?

I: Yeah, I have listened to all of them. I am happy because there are very strong contenders, the most part of the songs and acts are well produced.

E+: Can you tell us what’s your song about?

“Poy so Mony” is about myself, I sing and dance almost from my birth.

E+: Do you have any plans about the staging? Have you already decided the costumes you will wear during your performance?

I: The performance is almost the same and the costumes are a bit different from the ones we wore at national final.

E+: How was the recording of the video clip? Any funny anecdote?

I: It was amazing! The shooting of the video clip took a day… we were so hungry that when dad brought us a pizza we ate everything in 10 seconds!.

Cyclists had beard and moustache so they had to be shaved, It was funny!. We also rode motorbikes, I wanted to ride go -karts but I am so young so I will wait until grow up… I was only sat inside to take some pictures. I am looking forward to ride one of them!


E+: Tell us more about yourself, your favourite music style, favourite school subjects, hobbies, musical career….

I: I like all professionally produced. My favourite singers are Michael Jackson , Whitney Houston, Dima Bilan and Ani Lorak. My favourite subjects are Maths, Science and English. Apart from singing, I like practising sports and ballroom dancing, and this is my life and hobbies. It is what I like now, time will tell If my hobbies remain!

E+:Could you send a message for our readers and fans of the competition?

I: If you have a wish, work hard to make It come true. It is difficult, but impossible is nothing and parents can help you.

E+: Thank you very much and good luck in Kiev, enjoy you time!

I: Thanks.

Ilya Volkov will represent Belarus at Junior Eurovision 2013 with the song “Poy so Mnoy” (Sing with Me).


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