Exclusive video interview with GlamboyP from DMGP 2014: “I have something to say with my song”

We’re now at the 6th part of our Dansk Melodi Grand Prix 2014 intoduction series, where we are introducing all of the 10 competing artist.

Next up is GlamboyP who will perform as number 6 on the stage in Odense on March 8th. His song is called Right By Your Side, and is written by Mathias Kallenberger, Andreas Berlin, Jasmine Anderson. This song is quite personal to GlamboyP, and you can hear him tell about that and more in the interview below.

GlamboyP, whose real name is Patrick Spiegelberg has been involved with both music and dancing a huge part of his life. In Denmark he had his big breakthrough in 2003 when he competed in the talent competition Popstars. He ended up winning along with 4 other boys, and they formed the boyband Fu:el. They shortly after released the single Please Please, which became a hit and was number 1 in the Danish singles chart. Soon their album called Next; Please, came out, but it couldn’t follow up on the single’s succes, as it only sold 5000 copies, and Fu:el were dropped by their record label. In the years to come, Patrick mostly focused on his dancing, and that led to him being chosen to represent Denmark in Eurovion Dance Contest 2008 along with Katja Svensson. Patrick and Katja did very well and won the jury voting, but at the end they came 6th. Despite his success with dancing Patrick still had a dream of becoming a singer, and he kept recording demos and creating music. At the same time Patrick was finally feeling, like he was finding himself, and could be who he truly was after years of hiding it. So he created a new stage name, GlamboyP, for this new beginning and because he felt it fit him well. With the new found confidence, success started coming to GlamboyP. He toured with the famous Danish band Infernal, and in 2013 he was featured on Lynx & Pico’s single Rocking Your Bed. But on March 8th GlamboyP will be rocking the stage by himself when he will perform song number 6 at Dansk Melodi Grand Prix 2014 Right By Your Side.

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