Exclusive video interview with Danni Elmo from DMGP 2014: “My song isn’t similar to anything I have ever done before”

It’s time for the 4th part of our Dansk Melodi Grand Prix 2014 intro series, where we are introducing the 10 artists competing in the weeks up to the competition.

Today it’s time to get to know Danni Elmo. He will sing song number 4 called She’s The One. If his name rings a bell, it might be because he already participated in Dansk Melodi Grand Prix 2006 with 2 in 1, and came 2nd and once again the in 2007 with Meaning of live, where he came 7th. Does he think that will help him this year? Watch the interview below to find out about that and more.

Danni Elmo is 27 years old, and has been interested in music from an early age. He was inspired to start working with it by his grandfather, who Danni also considers as his biggest idol. Someone who has always followed Danni throughout his music carreer is his guitar, and whenever he feels like relaxing, he does it by writing a song on it. Danni Elmo became known to the Danish public, when he participated in Dansk Melodi Grand Prix 2006. At the time Danni was basically unknown in Denmark, but he suprised everyone and came on an impressive second place with the song 2 in 1. The year after he decided to try his luck again in Dansk Melodi Grand Prix, and he reached the final once again, this time coming 7th. Since then Danni has started an education as a smith and has become a dad to a son, who he hopes, that he can be the biggest idol for. But even though Danni hasn’t been much in the limelight lately, that doesn’t mean he has stopped making music. He has still been writing songs all along, mostly in Danish, and has went around to different places and performing them. Danni has actually put his education on standby so he can fully focus on Dansk Melodi Grand Prix 2014, and he hopes that 3rd time will be the charm for him.


Photo: DR

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