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Exclusive interview with The Smile Shop from Georgia (Junior Eurovision 2013)

ESC+Plus has been chatting with Georgian representatives “The Smile Shop” after their Junior Eurovision adventure. Check out what Luka, Ana , Mari, Mariam, Tamta and Saba have told us below:

Hello Guys!  first of all thank you so much for giving us this interview as Georgian representatives at Junior Eurovision 2013!

ESC+Plus: How did you receive the announcement you had been selected to represent Georgia at Junior Eurovision 2013?

Tamta: It was incredible I can’t describe it with words.

Luka: It was so crazy…!

Ana:  JESC was always my dream and It had become true.

E+: What does being the Georgian representatives in Kiev mean for you?

Mari Samushia: I think It is a big responsibility.

Saba: We’re representing our country and It is the biggest honour ever.

Mariam Shavladze: JESC will be the largest venue where I have ever performed and It makes me being excited.

E+: Did you know each other before? How is your relationship?  

Luka: We met each other during the casting and then, when we were named as a group, our relationship became more and more friendly.

Mari Samushia: I can say that we’re like sisters and brothers.

Tamta: I can’t imagine my life without my group mates because we all love each other very much.

E+: Have you talked with past Georgian entrants in the competition? Have they given you any advice?

Ana: I already knew some of them and we all have met again in the past few months. They gave us very important advises : not to be nervous on stage and believe that we can make Georgia wins for the 3rd time.

Saba: They told us that the most important thing is having fun as much as possible.

E+: Do you usually watch Junior Eurovision? What are your favourite Junnior Eurovision singers and songs?

Saba: I am a very big fan of this contest and I know all Georgian entries, I supported all of them.

Mariam Shavladze: I even know all entries from last year’s contest in Amsterdam, I always watch it and I would have never imagined that one day I was going to be part of It.

Luka: I honestly love all Georgian entries and songs. From other countries I love the last year’s Ukranian song and The Netherlands in 2011.

E+: Can you tell us what is your song about? What is the story behind the lyrics?

Mariam Samushia: It is a funny song sang from our hearts, the lyrics tell about friendship.

Ana: The song’s motto is about that a smile can solve everything and we want to make you smile.

E+: How was the composition procedure with Giga Kukhianizde? What does working with the composer of two winning entries mean for you?

Mariam Shavladze: The composition procedure was really good, a bit tiring but cool.

Luka: We already knew who was the person we were going to work with, so we appreciated it and tried to do our best with Giga.

E+: How was the recording of the video clip? Any funny anecdote you can share with you?

Tamta: The whole day was really funny! It was our first serious work and I think we did It great.

Saba: Moving and dancing at the same time was really hard and very funny for us but I think It wasn’t so funny for the director jjj.


E+: Can you tell us about your staging in Kiev? Can you reveal any information about your costumes and appearance on stage?

Ana: The staging will be simple but beautiful and suitable for our song .

Mariam Samushia: Our costumes and appearance are secret and you’ll see it in Kiev.

E+: How are you preparing your performance in Kiev?

Mariam Shavladze:  We’re so excited, we are working very hard and It makes us proud of ourselves.

Luka: All preparations are over and we’re absolutely ready to introduce ourselves and our beautiful country .

E+: Have you listened to the other already selected entries for Junior Eurovision 2013? What do you think about them?

Ana: I haven’t listened to all of them yet but the songs I have already listened are really good.

Luka: I like a few songs but I honestly think that our song is still the best.

E+: Would you like to continue singing together in the future? Do you have any intention of releasing new songs?

Mariam Samushia: Of course we’ll! We have new plans after Junior Eurovision.

E+: Could you send a message for our readers and fans of the competition? Thank you very much, we wish you all the best in Kiev!

The smile shop:  Boys and girls around the world we’re the smile shop and we’ll make you smile. Vote for the entry you think is the best , thanks to you too!!!

The Smile Shop will represent Georgia at Junior Eurovision 2013 with the song “Give me your Smile”.


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