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Exclusive interview with Sofia Tarasova from Ukraine (Junior Eurovision 2013)

Sofia Tarasova, the Ukranian representative at Junior Eurovision 2013 has exclusively talked to ESC+Plus about her preparations, feelings and more. She will perform the song “We are One”, written by Mikhail Nekrasov who decided to work with her after falling in love with her voice. Mikhail is the composer of many Eurovision Hits like “Gravity” by Zlata Ognevich.

Hello Sofia! first of all thank you so much for giving us this interview as Ukranian representative at Junior Eurovision 2013 and congratulations on winning the Ukranian final and on your success at New Wave Junior 2013!

ESC+Plus: How did you feel when you listened your were the winner of the Ukrainian final for Junior Eurovision 2013? What does being the Ukrainian representative in Kiev mean for you?

Sofia: For sure, I felt joy and pride! But I laid all my emotions so much that I was too tired to jump and run in joy! Presenting my country in Kyiv is of much bigger responsibility for me. I have to prove that it’s no coincidence that Ukraine won last year and I hope to hold this standard up! Ukraine is a singing country, and all the attention will be focused on me!

E+: Could you tell us more about your experience in the Academy of Eurovision?

Sofia: Due to the Eurovision Music Academy I got to the JESC National Selection and met a talented composer Mikhail Nekrasov. This project is extremely interesting! It allowed me to sing four different songs (World Hit, Original Song, Soundtrack and National Hit). 10 artists from Russia and 10 artists from Ukraine were engaged in the project, one of my performances was noticed by Mikhail Nekrasov and he decided to work with me. I like working with him, we understand each other well!

E+: Have you watched Junior Eurovision before? What are your favourite singers in the history of the competition?

Sofia: Sure, I watch every edition since 2009, when I engaged in singing! I liked Ralf Mackenbach and Rachel Traets from the Netherlands, Lerika from Russia and Anastasia Petryk from Ukraine.

E+: Do you usually watch senior Eurovision? What are your favourite Eurovision singers and songs?

Sofia: This year I liked the performances of the representatives of Sweden, the Netherlands, Moldova, Russia and, for sure, the performance of our Zlata Ognevich!

E+: Can you tell us what is your song about?

Sofia: My song is about unity of the Man and the Nature. It’s state-of-the-art, and very bright like the sunshine!


E+: How are you preparing your performance?

Sofia: I’m working very hard! Every day I have vocal and choreography trainings, acting technique and contemporary dance lesson. I often give performances, interviews and press-conferences, so I have no leisure time at all!

E+: Can you tell us about your staging in Kiev? Can you reveal any information?

Sofia: Yes, sure. There will be nobody on stage except me! That’s the decision of Mikhail Nekrasov. In his opinion nothing should draw attention away from the artist!

E+: Have you listened to the other already selected entries for Junior Eurovision 2013? What do you think about them?

Sofia: Sure, I listened to the songs of all the participants via the Internet! All artists are very laudable, all of them have very different styles and it makes the contest interesting! Girls from the Netherlands and Armenia are the most joyful, but as for voices I would distinguish girls from Russia and Malta!

E+: Tell us more about yourself, your favourite music style, favourite school subject, hobbies, musical career….

Sofia: I like listening to pop, jazz, blues, R&B and soul. I like studying English at school. When I have leisure time I draw pictures, shoot films and cut them. I adore acting technique lessons and I like acting in musicals!

E+: What do you expect from the Junior Eurovision experience?

Sofia: I expect meeting new people, communicating with participants from European countries. I expect to gain new experience, positive emotions and enjoyment!

E+: Could you send a message for our readers and fans of the competition?

Sofia: I would wish everyone the best spirits, positive emotions and pleasure of watching the performances of talented children!

Sofia Tarasova will represent Ukraine at Junior Eurovision 2013 with the song “We are One”.


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