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Exclusive interview with Mylène & Rosanne from The Netherlands (Junior Eurovision 2013)

Twins Mylène and Rosanne from the Netherlands have talked to us before their experience at Junior Eurovision. Take a look what they have told!

Hello girls! First of all thank you so much for giving us this interview as Dutch representatives at Junior Eurovision 2013 and congratulations on winning Junior Songfestival 2013!

ESC+Plus: How did you feel when you listened your were the winners of Junior Songfestival 2013? What does being the Dutch representatives in Kiev mean for you?

Mylène & Rosanne: We couldn’t believe we were the winners! We had to look to the score board twice to realize that we had really won the contest.

We are excited to go to Kiev and It’s an honour for us representing The Netherlands at Junior Eurovision.


E+: When did you compose your song? How did the idea come to your mind?

M&R: We composed the song two weeks before the deadline of the national contest (Junior Songfestival). The song is about ourselves and our life so It was not very difficult to write the lyrics.

E+: Can you tell us what is your song about? What is the story behind the lyrics?

M&R: The song is about ourselves. We are twins and we look the same but there are also differences between the two of us: we are mirrored ourselves in some things but each of us has different sides and when we look at ourselves in the mirror, we look more different from the people think.

E+: What impelled you to take part at Junior Songfestival? Could you tell us about your experience in the contest?

M&R: We like singing and dancing. We have been following Junior Songfestival and Junior Eurovision for many years and two friends took part at Junior Songfestival some years ago so we tried to enter the contest this year and we were successful! We liked to take part at Junior Songfestival. All the other participants were nice, we made friends and we had a lot of fun.


E+: Will you release a new version of “Double Me” or you will keep it like the one we listened at Junior Songfestival? Will you introduce new features on the staging or It will be the same you showed at Junior Songfestival?

M&R: The song will be just the same and we will keep the staging as a secret until Junior Eurovision.

E+: Which are the similarities and differences between Myléne and Rosanne? hobbies, favourite subjects, music styles… 

M&R: Our Hobbies and music styles are the same but Rosanne is a more sporty girl and Mylène is a more dancing girl.

E+: How did your parents discover they had two talented childrens?When did you start singing?

M&R: They didn’t discover us, they just thought that all children could do that. We started singing when we could talk, our parents were always singing for us when we were babies. Then, a music teacher asked Mylène to do auditions for a musical and It is when we started to perform on stage.

E+: Have you thought about the future of your musical career? Would you like to sing as a duet or separately?

M&R: We have to finish our school first and after that we would like to sing and dance as our profession. Singing together as a duo would be great but we will probably sing as soloist too, like we did before the song contest.


E+: Have you listened to the other already selected entries for Junior Eurovision 2013? What do you think about them?

M&R: They are all very good and we are looking forward to meet them. They also look very nice, we can’t wait to go to Kiev!

E+: What do you expect from your experience in Kiev? Are you looking forward to be on stage? What do you think about the design?

M&R: We expect to meet a lot of people and make new friends. We hope to make a great show with the other participants, wich people all over Europe enjoy on TV.

We like the stage design and we think It looks good.

E+: Could you send a message for our readers and fans of the competition?

M&R: We are looking forward to go to Kiev and meet all the participants, make a great show together and have a lot of fun. We hope that a lot of people vote for our song “Double Me”!

Thank you very much! Good luck and enjoy your time in Kiev!

13 years old Mylène and Rosanne will represent the Netherlands at Junior Eurovision 2013 with the song “Double Me”



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