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Exclusive interview, Monika from Armenia tells us about her Chocolate Factory (Junior Eurovision 2013)

Armenian representative at Junior Eurovision 2013 has spoken to us before the contest! She has told us about her preparations, latest details about her performance, videoclip and more, let’s know more about Monika Avanesyan!

Hello Monika, first of all thank you so much for giving us this interview as Armenian representative at Junior Eurovision 2013 and congratulations on winning the Armenian final 2013!

ESC+Plus: How did you feel when you listened your were the winner of the Armenian final? What does being the Armenian representative at JESC mean for you?

Monika: I became very happy when they announced I was going to represent Armenia in Kiev, as it was unexpected for me. I’m very proud to represent my home country Armenia in Eurovision.

E+: Do you usually watch senior Eurovision? What are your favourite Eurovision singers and songs?

Monika: I always follow Eurovision contest and I really like the song of Ukrainian representative Zlata Ognevich’s “Gravity”, Inga and Anush Arshakyanner’s “Jan Jan”, Lena Mayer’s “Satellite”.

E+: Have you listened to the other already selected entries for Junior Eurovision 2013? What do you think about them?

Monika: Yes, I have listened to all entries and I like all of them. They are all strong contestants.

E+: Could you tell us what’s your song about?

Monika: As it is obvious from the title of the song, it is about Chocolate Factory, about its staff, who work in the factory, there are only kids working there and preparing chocolate.

E+: Will you release a new version or will you keep it like the one we listened at Armenian final?

Monika: There will be a change in the song and I like it, we are going to mention that we prepare Armenian chocolate.


E+: Do you have any plans about the staging? Have you already decided the costumes you will wear during your performance? The same ones?

Monika: Our costumes are ready and I must say that the designer is Lilit Margaryan, in my clip I will be wearing new costumes, and about the staging I would like to leave it a surprise.

E+: Tell us more about yourself, your favourite music style, favourite school subject, hobbies, musical career….

Monika: Among the school subjects I like English and Russian. It’s already 9 years I attend the musical school for violin and vocal classes and I want to become a ver good musician.

E+: Could you send a message for our readers and fans of the competition?

Monika: I wish all the representatives success.

Thank you very much and good luck in Kiev, enjoy you time!

Monika Avanesyan will perform the song “Choco Fabric” at Junior Eurovision 2013 to take place in Kiev (Ukraine) on November 30.


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