Interview Junior Eurovision Junior Eurovision 2022

Chanel from Italy: “My song is about people who talk too much but never do nothing” (Junior Eurovision Song Contest 2022)

We had the opportunity to talk to Chanel, the Italian representative at #JuniorEurovision 2022, about her experience being selected for the contest and her expectations for Yerevan. Chanel Dilecta Apolloni is a 13-year-old singer born on 6 January 2009 in Thiene, a small town in northeastern Italy in the Veneto region.

The most important people for Chanel are her mother, her father, her grandparents and in general her whole family, they are a great pillar for her as they are the ones who support her in her dreams and encourage her to continue her education. She loves to come home and receive the love of her only pet, a “toothless” dog called Rambo. She defines herself as a “360º performer”. She has studied singing and ballet since the age of 4, as well as piano, modern dance and performing arts at the age of 3. The artist is also passionate about languages and studies Russian and English at the highest level, as for her it is a very important language to be able to interact with people from all over the world.

She also finds time to study theatre, which allows her to convey her emotions on stage and to connect with the audience. Since the age of nine she has been training in classical dance, a discipline in which she won third place in the important “Jesolo dance contest” last May. But she is not satisfied and several months ago she has also taken up modern dance. In her spare time she loves to design jewellery, read books, knit and enjoys solving Rubik’s cubes. Her favourite singer is Harry Styles, of whom she has every album and promotional material possible, although she is also a loyal follower of Mariah Carey and the famous Ariana Grande.