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Blanka (Poland 2023): ‘I Hope Everyone Will Have Fun and Dance’ Interview at PrePartyES 2023

Cristhian Solano talks with Blanka, Poland's representative at Eurovision, during Madrid's PreParty about her staging and performance in Liverpool and much more

Join Blanka, Poland’s 2023 Eurovision representative, as she shares her excitement and gratitude for the warm reception she’s received from the Spanish public. Discover her enthusiasm for her upcoming performance, and her hope that everyone will dance and sing their heart out.

Explore Blanka’s plans for her stage presentation, as she reveals that there will be significant changes from her national final performance. Learn about the surprises in store, including alterations to the song itself, making it longer and a bit different.

Uncover Blanka’s favorite Eurovision entries from other countries, as she expresses her love for Loreen’s “Tattoo” and the UK’s catchy pop track. Find out which songs she considers her guilty pleasures and how they inspire her own performance.

Don’t miss this engaging interview with Blanka as she prepares to take the stage at Madrid’s 2023 PrePartyES event, looking forward to an unforgettable night of music and excitement.