Hungary: MTVA opens submissions for “A Dal” 2016!

Hungary will stick to the same format they have since 2012 when it comes to picking their Eurovision entry. The Hungarian public broadcaster Duna Media Service Provider Ltd. opened the submissions today and composers can send their songs to MTVA until the 25th of November.

As previously, “A Dal” 2016 will have the same format. There will be several heats in which the artists will compete to get the ticket to the final. The qualifiers will be chosen by a combination of jury and televoting.

The performers who want to participate in “A Dal” have to be Hungarian citizens and Hungarian has to be their native language. Composers who are not Hungarian can enter the contest, however, their song has to be performed by a Hungarian artist. There is no limitation to the language in which the song is written, although it is preferred to be in Hungarian. If the composer wishes to enter “A Dal” with a song written in English, a Hungarian translation of the song has to be submitted as well. You can read the full rules of “A Dal” here.

Last year, Hungary was represented by Boggie with the song “Wars for nothing” and finished 20th.

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