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France 2023: Listen to “Evidement”, the song by La Zarra to represent France at Eurovision 2023

Last January, France surprisingly presented its representative: La Zarra, after France Télévisions confirmed last July that for Eurovision 2023 they would once again rely on their pre-selection Eurovision France: C’est vous qui décidez! This has been used to choose its standard-bearer for the last two years, with very mixed results.

Now it’s time to listen to the song that will represent France in Liverpool, the chosen option is the song “Évidemment



La Zarra is a very mysterious singer, as by personal choice she has not given many details about her personal biography. What we do know is that her real name is Fatima Zahra and she was born in North Africa, specifically in Morocco . What we do know is that she spent most of her youth in Longueuil, Canada. The reason for her hermeticism? To be known exclusively for her music.

That child and teenager was abducted by France, by fashion and by her music. With French references such as Mylène Farmer and Céline Dion, watching their concerts and she was already dreaming of being a French diva.

Her debut as a singer was something of the most casual. La Zarra was invited to sing at a party, where she met Benny Adam, a hip-hop producer, who lives near Montreal. The producer saw the singer’s X-factor and decided to offer her an audition in his studio the next day. A few weeks later, she released her first single, a collaboration with singer Niro: “Printemps blanc”

This collaboration opened the door to the music industry, with great success in several mash-ups and collaborations . As her fame grew, she recorded a new version of “Printemps blanc” with Niro, which became a huge hit in French-speaking countries.

He continued to move forward in the world of music and presented an original and daring mix. La Zarra is inspired by two songs À l’ammoniaque” by the group PNL and “Mon Dieu by the French legend Edith Piaf, which has more than a million plays on YouTube. Making clear his love for all things French.

After this success, La Zarra returns with another original mix “Tirer un trait” by the group SCH. Her work reaches a great relevance that in the spring of 2021 just exploded, with her first unreleased single: “Tu t’en iras” which was accompanied by a video clip, her great letter of introduction.

The video reached one million views in less than 15 days (it currently has more than 18 million views). This super success attracted the attention of the specialised press, who took notice of her and considered her to be one of the great emerging figures to keep track of.

The compliments kept pouring in, highlighting the singer’s ability to fuse and mix genres and to hypnotise her audience with her voice timbre and her way of performing.

The song was a huge success, and ended up topping the playlists of music platforms such as Apple Music, Deezer and Spotify. In addition, the doors of French television opened for her , where we could see her in the talent show W9, Canal + and “On est en direct”, where she made a stunning performance, the program presented by Laurent Ruquier and Léa Salamé, La Zarra presented “Tu t’en iras” on guitar, earning again, more praise for her talent.

2021 was her year, culminating in her first album: Traîtrise. Most of the lyrics were written by herself and Benny Adams. As well as being present in the composition and musical arrangements. A true three-sixties artist.

Her last musical release came six months ago, the single “Sans moi still without a videoclip, but the lyric video has more than one million reproductions.

She is currently at the peak of her career, nominated for the ADISQ Gala Revelation of the Year 2021, nominated for the NRJ Music Award for the French-speaking Revelation of the Year 2022 and has won the SOCAN Discovery of the Year 2022 Award.


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