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Find out the breakdown of the Junior Eurovision 2022 results

La UER ha hecho públicos los rankings completos de los 60 jurados que han ayudado a decidir al ganador de Eurovisión Junior 2022

Only a few hours have passed since the end of the Junior Eurovision Song Contest 2022 . After the parade of performances from the 16 participating countries and the many surprises that the contest has brought us on its 20th anniversary, Junior Eurovision is drawing the curtain and starting to gather strength for next year’s return from France. After enjoying the music, the talent, the friendship and the excitement of this year’s contest, it is time to take a closer look at the voting results that have marked the outcome of the festival.

Once again this year, as usual, the European Broadcasting Union has published the full and detailed voting results on its website . In this way, the organisation gives more details of the voting process, such as the number of votes recorded or the breakdown of each of the rankings of the 80 members who have acted as national juries at the festival.


Each of the 16 participating countries was responsible for nominating a five-member panel of national jurors. These experts had to be related to some field of the music industry, be they singers, composers, dancers, stage designers, etc. In addition, two of these five members had to be minors, in order to capture the reality of the festival, which is set in a strong children’s context.

Each of these 16 professional panels had to draw up a ranking of the other 15 entries in the gala, based on factors such as musical quality, lyrics, vocal skills or the staging of the rivals, always on the basis of the performance shown during the jury rehearsal. Once the votes had been recorded, an average was made with the members of each country to award a series of points to the 10 best performances according to the criteria of these experts. As it could not be otherwise, the figure of the national spokesperson of each participating territory has been in charge of communicating the twelve points or the best performance valued by each country.

You can access the breakdown and all the jury’s figures below:


As well as the jury’s vote, the opinion of viewers at home played a very important role in deciding the outcome of the show. To be more precise, with an equal weight of 50%. To distribute the points awarded by the sovereign public through online voting, the same dynamic has been followed as every year. From the 928 points awarded by the 16 national juries (58 points each), practically the same amount of points has been distributed proportionally, only one more, from the sum of the votes harvested during the two phases of the online voting. For example, Spain obtained 8.40% of the votes from viewers and internet users, receiving 78 points from the televote (8.40% of the total 929 points to be distributed).

During the gala, viewers found it difficult to vote due to the large number of users who had gathered to participate in the evaluations. Despite this, the contest continued as normal because, with patience, the page loaded completely in order to be able to choose and vote for the 3 favourite countries.

The complete list of countries and the number of votes received from the online voting is as follows:

Position and country% of votesPoints
2ND SPAIN8,40%78
3RD FRANCE7,64%71
4TH ARMENIA7,53%70
7TH UKRAINE6,89%64
8TH IRELAND6,68%62
9TH ITALY5,71%53
9TH POLAND5,71%53
11TH SERBIA5,49%51
12TH GEORGIA5,06%47
13TH ALBANIA4,63%43
16TH MALTA3,55%33

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