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Eurovision in Concert in Amsterdam tomorrow and we are here!

For the 6th year in a row the biggest Eurovision pre-event, Eurovision in Concert will be organized in Amsterdam. A total of none less than 25 of this year’s participants + special guests Frizzle Sizzle and Emmelie de Forest will take the stage tomorrow at Melkweg, the venue it will be held in. The event has been sold out for a long time, but don’t fear to miss out, if you’re not going! Esc+Plus are in Amsterdam to cover the event and we will bring you interviews with the artists and hopefully videos of the performances. So stay tuned to us in the coming days!


Remember that if you want to send your question for any of the 25 acts performing tomorrow, you can send them to us either by commenting this article, writing us on facebook here or send us a tweet here, and maybe you’ll be lucky enough to get your question asked.

You can check out which 25 artists will perform here

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6 thoughts on “Eurovision in Concert in Amsterdam tomorrow and we are here!

  1. A question to Lithuania’s Vilija (From UK)

    Vilija when is you’re music video for “Attention” coming out, you’re like the only contestant without it.

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