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Eurovision 2024: Malmö is ready for its bid to host

The Swedish city of Malmö is ready to do a bid to host the Eurovision Song Contest 2024. If the bid would be granted to Malmö, it would be the third time that this city will host the biggest music competition in the world.

Malmö as host city

Malmö has hosted Eurovision on two occasions, in 1992 and 2013, but the city wants to organize the contest again in 2024. During an interview the Recreation Director of Malmö told a newspaper that Malmö is ready to do it all again next year, and he said: “We are ready to make an offer”.

Malmö Arena

In case the city of Malmö gets to host again, the venue will be the “Malmö Arena”, although this arena is smaller than both the Tele2 Arena and Friends Arena in Stockholm. Needless to say, that capital cities are always hot favourites to host a contest. Malmö is still in the very early stages of talking about a bid, because there are also a lot of finances that need to be figured out.

Eurovision 2024 - Malmö Arena
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Eurovision 2023

This year’s contest is won by Sweden’s Loreen with the song “Tattoo”. Loreen’s win marks the first time a female singer has won the Eurovision Song Contest twice, since Loreen also won the 2012 song contest with the song “Euphoria”, which is one of the most successful songs in Eurovision history. Next to this, Loreen is the second singer to win the contest twice; Irish Johnny Logan came before her.
Source: Official Eurovision Song Contest YouTube channel

Sweden in Eurovision

Loreen’s win also marks Sweden’s seventh victory, the other ones were respectively in 1974, 1984, 1991, 1999, 2012, and 2015. Now Ireland and Sweden tie when it comes down to most wins of the contest.


2 thoughts on “Eurovision 2024: Malmö is ready for its bid to host

  1. Honestly, I think it should go to Göteborg but the Scandinavium presents some issues so I don’t think it’ll happen.

    Loreen wants it in Stockholm, so maybe SVT can get the Friends Arena past the EBU? It’s big, sure – but Melodifestivalen is hosted there every year. There’d also be plenty of tickets available.

    The year Malmö hosted it, it kinda just seemed like it was “going through the motions” and the city doesn’t have as much to offer to tourists.

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