Eurovision 2023: A Memorandum of Cooperation

Next year’s Eurovision Song Contest will take place in Liverpool, in the United Kingdom, but because Ukraine has won this year’s contest, but cannot host the contest because of the war that is raging in their country, they are not able to. So, the United Kingdom stepped in, with the promise that they will make the upcoming contest as “Ukrainian” as they possibly can.

M&S Bank Arena Liverpool
Source:, M&S Bank Arena

Memorandum of Cooperation

The public broadcaster of the United Kingdom, BBC, but also the Ukrainian public broadcaster, Suspilne, have signed a Memorandum of Cooperation, and thereby they recognize each other official as this year’s winner (Ukraine), and next year’s organizers (United Kingdom). In this regard, Ukraine agrees that the UK will organize the contest on their behalf, and that the UK will involve as many Ukrainian artists and organizers as they can. Both countries will work closely together to set up a show that will breathe Ukraine, but will be organized in Liverpool, in the United Kingdom. The presenters of next year’s show will also have Ukrainian as well as British presenters.

Mykola Chernotytskyi said about the upcoming collaboration:

“I am grateful to our partners at the BBC for productive cooperation. We have already agreed on the key principles and areas of work to jointly ensure a unique Eurovision. This musical festival will combine modern Ukrainian culture and all the diversity of British music and creativity.”

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