Eurovision 2019: Where to watch the second semi-final?

Tonight at 21.00 CET we have the second semi-final of Europe’s favourite tv show, where 18 countries will compete for a place in the final. You will be able to vote for your favourites after the 18 songs and Juries already voted, they consist of the 50% of the results.

In ESCplus we’ve prepared this article with all the Broadcasters available to watch the semifinal, we’ll update this article during the evening. Here you have them:

In order to know everything about the song that is performing at every moment, you can download our ESC 2019 Handbook that includes all the information you will need to enjoy the show:

You can also vote in our poll before the results are published:

Eurovision Song Contest 2019 - Semi-final 2

The Netherlands: Ducan Laurance - Arcade3178
Switzerland: Luca Hänni - She got me2875
Norway: Keiino - Spirit in the sky2260
Sweden: John Lundvik - Too late for love2128
Malta: Michela - Chameleon2024
Russia: Sergey Lazarev - Scream1960
Azerbaijan: Chingiz - Thrut1828
Albania: Jonida Maliqi - Ktheju tokës1367
Armenia: Srbuk - Walking out1340
North Macedonia: Tamara Tovdeska - Proud1243
Denmark: Leonora - Love is forever929
Romania: Ester Peony - On a sunday712
Ireland: Sarah Mcternan - 22621
Austria: PÆNDA - Limits588
Croatia: Roko - The dream528
Lithuania: Jurij Veklenko - Run with the lions503
Latvia: Carousel - That Night440
Moldova: Anna Odobescu - Stay401

Number of voters: 382

Enjoy the evening!

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1 Comment

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