Eurovision 2016 introduces big changes in the voting presentation!

We all know SVT is keen on doing changes to the format of the Eurovision Song Contest when they get to host it. The first major one has just arrived: there will be big changes in the way the points will be revealed during the, show, especially in the grand final.

This video below graphically explains how the system will work:

The system and the final outcome do not necessarily change much as in the end we will be having both sides having the same value but one thing is assured: THE RECORD WILL BE BROKEN BY THE WINNING COUNTRY! But not only that, it is even way more difficult to achieve ”nul points”! This also helps countries which did not rank in either one of the parts, televoting or jury, to get some points at least.

For many years we have seen small changes like the re-introduction of the juries in 2008 and then in the grand final in 2009 or announcing the winner even before all the countries have awarded their points, starting this tradition in Malmö 2013 when Petra was dressed up with the Danish flag and Emmelie won. However, not the points system but the presentation will be radically transformed. We will have two parts in the night, the first one comes with each country revealing their JURY POINTS from 1-8, 10 and 12 (from 1-10 automatically on the screen, spokespersons only announcing the 12 points) and then, the second part is all about the televoting and will be presented by Petra Mede and Måns Zelmerlöw (or just one of them, still to be announced). The televoting points from all participating countries will be combined, providing one score for each song. These televoting results will then be announced by the host, starting with the country receiving the fewest points from the public and ending with the country that received the highest number of points, building towards a guaranteed climax.

For those wanting to know how their country has voted, the televoting and jury scores from each participating country will be available after the show on

Check the impressions and how they think it will work by Martin Österdahl and Christer Björkman, producers of this year’s shows from the Globe Arena in Stockholm:

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