EuroStream 2020 Semi-Final 2 running order revealed

After an exciting draw ceremony held by Eurostream 2020 partner EuroWhat? Podcast, the running order for the second Semi-Final is now revealed. The live broadcast of Semi-Final 1 is exactly one week away, and will take place on Tuesday 5 May 2020. This Friday, May 1st, all information regarding the voting system will be explained, along with the reveal of the full list of professional jury members having a 50% stake in the outcome of all three live shows.

During the ceremony, random numbers were also drawn to determine the starting positions for France, Spain and the United Kingdom, three Big 5 countries of which the national juries will also vote in the first Semi-Final. France received slot number 14, whereas Spain received number 22 and the United Kingdom was drawn into slot number 19. Last week, Italy and Germany were drawn into slots 11 and 20 respectively, while the Netherlands will retain its 23rd place in the running order as randomly drawn during the Eurovision 2020 Head of Delegations meeting last month.

The full running order for Semi-Final 2, scheduled for Thursday 7 May, can be found underneath:

Note that in both Semi-Finals and the Grand Final, fans from all over the world will be able to vote online. Only the jury votes are limited to countries either participating or randomly assigned to vote in a Semi-Final during the official Allocation Draw held last January.

Eurostream 2020 is a joint project between the following partners, listed here alphabetically: 12 Points From America,, Ding-a-Dong Podcast,,,,,,,,,,, EuroWhat? Podcast,,,,,

Eurostream 2020 can be found on Facebook and Twitter, where the latest information about the upcoming event will be shared. For answers on more practical questions regarding the project, broadcasts and voting, we kindly redirect you to the joint website,

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