EUROpanel 2019: Voting next is Jana Mirković from Montenegro

Today we bring you the points awarded by our expert panel member Jana Mirković from Montenegro.











About Jana Mirković:

Jana Mirković (born 16 April 2000 in Podgorica, Montenegro) is a Montenegrin singer. She attended dance and ballet schools, and can play the piano and violin. On 1 July 2015, Mirković was announced as the Montenegrin representative in the Junior Eurovision Song Contest 2015 with the song “Oluja”. The song was written by the same team who composed Serbia’s winning Eurovision entry “Molitva”.Jana came 13th in the final with 36 points.

Having attended music school from a young age, Jana is not only a competent singer – but also plays the piano and violin as well! She is currently finishing gymnasium Slobodan Skerovic and has already had a lot of success in performing at international music festivals, winning several awards along the way. When she’s not studying, Jana also attended the UMS Talent School, as well as special classes for ballet, dance, and TV journalism. The latter is no surprise, given that Jana has already hosted a children’s television show in her home country!

In her free time, Jana likes to hang out with her friends and family and enjoys the beautiful Montenegrin seaside and countryside. She says that she doesn’t need much to be happy, only her honest smile, a flower, hearing her favourite songs on the radio or and seeing other people’s happiness.

Jana enjoys listening to her favourite female artists, Jennifer Lopez and Barbra Streisand. She also loves the songs of Sergej Ćetković and Knez, both of whom have represented Montenegro in the Eurovision Song Contest


Europanel 2019

Sweden: John Lundvik - Too late for love111
The Netherlands: Ducan Laurance - Arcade79
Russia: Sergey Lazarev - Scream74
Malta: Michela - Chameleon49
Switzerland: Luca Hänni - She got me43
Spain: Miki - La venda43
Ireland: Sarah Mcternan - 2241
Armenia: Srbuk - Walking out41
Italy: Mahmood - Soldi40
Czech Republic: Lake Malawi - Friend of a frined38
Cyprus: Tamta - Replay32
Greece: Katerine Duska - Better love32
Estonia: Victor Crone - Strom26
Norway: Keiino - Spirit in the sky26
North Macedonia: Tamara Tovdeska - Proud26
Azerbaijan: Chingiz - Thrut21
Belgium: Eliot - Wake up19
Poland: Tulia - Pali sie (fire of love)18
Denmark: Leonora - Love is forever17
Iceland: Hatari - Hatrið mun sigra15
United Kingdom: Michael Rice - Bigger than us15
France: Bilal Hassani - Roi14
Croatia: Roko - The dream13
Germany: S!sters - Sister12
Lithuania: Jurij Veklenko - Run with the lions11
Slovenia: Zala Kralj & Gasper Santi - Sebi11
Israel: Kobi Marimi - Home9
Australia: Kate Miller Heidke - Zero Gravity9
Albania: Jonida Maliqi - Ktheju tokës8
Moldova: Anna Odobescu - Stay7
Latvia: Carousel - That Night6
Serbia: Nevena Bozovic - Kruna6
Romania: Ester Peony - On a sunday5
Montenegro: D mol - Heaven4
Portugal: Conan Osiris - Telemóveis4
San Marino: Serhat - Say na na na3
Georgia: Oto Nemsadze - Keep on Going0
Finland: Darude ft Sebastian Rejman - Look Away0
Belarus: Zena - Like it0
Austria: PÆNDA - Limits0
Hungary: Joci Papai - Az é apám0

Number of voters: 16

What’s EUROpanel?

EUROpanel is an ESCplus Network feature which brings former Eurovision and national selection participants together to create an annual pan-European scoring of the contest.

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