EUROPanel 2018: Voting next is Niki Rizova from Bulgaria

Today we bring you the points awarded by our expert panel member Niki Rizova from Bulgaria.

Hungary – 1 point

Sweden – 2 points

Latvia – 3 points

Czech Republic – 4 points

Germany – 5 points

Poland – 6 points

The Netherlands – 7 points

Norway – 8 points

Switzerland – 10 points

Austria – 12 points

About Niki Rizova:

Niki Rizova was a part of the group Bon-Bon, which represented Bulgaria at the 2007 Junior Eurovision Song Contest in The Netherlands. They finished at the 7th place with 86 points.

What’s EUROPanel?

EUROpanel is an ESCplus Network feature which brings former Eurovision and national selection participants together to create an annual pan-European scoring of the contest.

You can visit the official website of EUROpanel and find out more about this year’s expert panel by clicking here.

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