EUROPanel 2017 is here!

After almost a year, the project that brings former Eurovision and national selection participants together to create a pan-European scoring is back. Last year, ESC+Plus, in order to fit better with the latest changes implemented in the Eurovision voting system, renamed the project making minor changes in the structure, so welcome back to EUROPanel!

Take a look at the explanation below to know how it will work:

How are the votes allocated? 
This year, the results will not be arranged by country, they will be allocated by artist, having all of them the same value. This means each participant from a country will send us the points in the Eurovision style and they will be automatically added to the general ranking instead of being previously mixed with the others from the same country. In this way, each participant vote will have the same weight without affecting the number of participants from the country.

What do the participants do? 
All the artists will have a listen to the 43 songs taking part at this year’s Eurovision edition. Then, they will rank the songs in the Eurovision style, 1-10 and 12, sending us their Top 10 of the 2017 competing songs.

How are the votes published? 
The votes will be published as being sent by the artists, so we will not know the winner of the EUROPanel vote until the end to keep the excitement.

As in previous years, a special microsite will be opened on the ESC+Plus Network where you will be able to find a list of all participating artists, their votes, a biography and some interesting information.

The project will be released shortly, so stay tuned to ESC+Plus!

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