Eurojury: Andorra Calling!

This is Andorra La Vella Calling

From San Marino we head to Andorra. Andorra last participated in Eurovision back at the 2009 contest in Moscow.

Andorra debuted in Eurovision back in 2004 with Marta Roure and her song “Jugarem a estimar-nos”, it came 18th in the semi final with 12 points overall, all of which came from Spain. Andorra’s best result came in 2007 when they were represented by Anonymous with the song “Salvem el món”, it came 12th in the semi final with 80 points. Andorra’s last song in Eurovision was “La teva decisió (Get a Life)” sung by Susanne Georgi, it scored just 8 points.

On Andorra’s Eurojury today is the 2005 representative Marian Van de Wal. Marian who was born in the Netherlands runs a hotel in Andorra, she sang “La mirada interior” in Istanbul.

Here are the results on the Andorran vote:

  1. Hungary – 12 points
  2. Norway – 10 points
  3. Austria – 8 points
  4. Armenia – 7 points
  5. United Kingdom – 6 points
  6. Israel – 5 points
  7. Denmark – 4 points
  8. The Netherlands – 3 points
  9. Italy – 2 points
  10. Spain – 1 point

So after those points how does the top.5 now look:

  1. Australia – 92 points
  2. Italy – 64 points
  3. Sweden – 62 points
  4. Russia – 57 points
  5. Iceland – 52 points

We thank Marian for taking time out to participate in Eurojury. You can see the results so far as a table here – Eurojury-Points-2015. And follow all the results so far on the Eurojury section our website here and on the official micro site here.

Don’t agree with the results? Tell us who you’d vote for here.

We return again tomorrow at 17:00 CET with more results.

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