Estonia: ERR unveils competing artists for Eesti Laul 2019

The Estonian broadcaster ERR has announced the twenty-four acts who will be participating in the 2019 edition of their Eurovision selection show, Eesti Laul tonight on Ringvaade. This is an increase from the usual twenty. The increase in competing songs in the sem-finals will also be reflected in the grand final as twelve will move on, an increase from the usual ten.

The 24 songs were chosen entries received with Estonian lyrics or other language lyrics. The price for submissions varied for the first time offering a discount for Estonian lyrics.


Competing in the 2019 competition are a couple of familiar faces for Eurovision fans.

The twenty-four songs will all be officially released on the December. The full list of participants and their songs is as follows:

  1. Kadiah “Believe”

Music: Kadi Poll

Lyrics: Kadi Poll

  1. Kerli Kivilaan “Cold Love”

Music: Kerli Kivilaan, Egert Milder, Andres Kõpper

Lyrics: Kerli Kivilaan, Egert Milder, Andres Kõpper

  1. Inger “Coming Home”

Music: Inger Fridolin, Karl-Ander Reismann

Lyrics: Inger Fridolin, Karl-Ander Reismann

  1. Sofia Rubina-Hunter “Deep Water”

Music: Sofia Rubina-Hunter, Jaanika Tenn

Lyrics: Oljana Kallson

  1. Around The Sun “Follow Me Back”

Music: Daniel Rukovitškin

Lyrics: Georg Eessaar

  1. Lacy Jay “Halleluja”

Music: Ago Teppand, Lacy Nicole Jones, Hugo Martin Maasikas

Lyrics: Ago Teppand, Lacy Nicole Jones

  1. The Swingers “High Heels In The Neighbourhood”

Music: Tanja Mihhailova, Timo Vendt, Mihkel Mattisen

Lyrics: Tanja Mihhailova, Mihkel Mattisen

  1. xtra basic & Emily J “Hold Me Close”

Music: Andrei Zevakin, Igor Volhonski

Lyrics: Andrei Zevakin, Igor Volhonski

  1. Synne Valtri “I’ll Do It My Way”

Music: Sünne Valtri

Lyrics: Sünne Valtri

  1. Iseloomad “Kaks miinust”

Music: Vilho Meier

Lyrics: Siim Randveer

  1. Grete Paia “Kui isegi kaotan”

Music: Grete Paia, Mihkel Mattisen, Timo Vendt

Lyrics: Grete Paia, Mihkel Mattisen, Kerli Puusepp

  1. Jennifer Cohen “Little Baby El”

Music: Chris Hierro, Jennifer Marisse Cohen, Luisa Lõhmus

Lyrics: Jennifer Marisse Cohen, Luisa Lõhmus

  1. Johanna Eendra “Miks sa teed nii?”

Music: Johanna Eendra

Lyrics: Johanna Eendra, Joosep Eendra

  1. Lumevärv ft. INGA “Milline päev”

Music: Margus Piik, Kermo Hert

Lyrics: Jana Hallas

  1. Cätlin Mägi & Jaan Pehk “Parmumäng”

Music: Cätlin Mägi

Lyrics: Jaan Pehk

  1. Uku Suviste “Pretty Little Liar”

Music: Uku Suviste, Oliver Mazurtshak

Lyrics: Uku Suviste, Oliver Mazurtshak

  1. Marko Kaar “Smile”

Music: Marko Kaar, Egert Kanep

Lyrics: Marko Kaar

  1. Sandra Nurmsalu “Soovide puu”

Music: Priit Pajusaar, Sandra Nurmsalu

Lyrics: Aapo Ilves

  1. Victor Crone “Storm”

Music: Stig Rästa, Vallo Kikas, Victor Crone

Lyrics: Stig Rästa, Victor Crone, Fred Krieger

  1. Sissi “Strong”

Music: Karl-Ander Reismann, Sissi Nylia Benita

Lyrics: Sissi Nylia Benita

  1. Ranele “Supernova”

Music: Marek Rosenberg, Lauri Lembinen, Marco Margna

Lyrics: Anne Loho

  1. Stefan “Without You”

Music: Stefan Airapetjan, Karl-Ander Reismann

Lyrics: Stefan Airapetjan

  1. Kaia Tamm “Wo sind die Katzen?”

Music: Kaia Tamm; Lyrics: Kaia Tamm

  1. Öed “Öhuloss”

Music: Tuuli Rand, Kristel Aaslaid, Bert Prikenfeld, Egert Milder

Lyrics: Tuuli Rand, Kristel Aaslaid, Bert Prikenfeld, Egert Milder


Semi Finals  are scheduled to take place on January 31 and February 2 and will be broadcast live for the first time from Tartu!

Next year’s Estonian representative will follow Elina Nechayeva, who represented the country in Lisbon with the song “La Forza”. Elina advanced to the final in Lisbon and bringing Estonia back to the grand final stage after having missed the previous two years.

Who are you excited to hear out of this group? Who do you think will have a chance of going all the way to Tel Aviv? Let us know in the comments section below!

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