ESC+Plus launches Multi-Window, watch all live shows in one screen!

ESC+Plus is bringing you a very useful tool to follow all the Eurovision shows simultaneously in the same window!

This new tool consists of a mix of all streams broadcasting Eurovision national selections fit together in a single page which contains several players. All users will be able to configure the page according to their preferences by selecting a bigger size player, pausing, muting… You can also select the stream quality to avoid connection problems.

This service will be available in Beta version during the last weeks of the Eurovision 2016 season, so do not hesitate to send us your feedback or report errors that might appear through our social accounts.

Is the Multi-Window site legal?

Yes, of course it is. It is as legal as embedding a YouTube video on your blog. We only take official streams which we embed on the same page to make it easier for you to watch all them. All the live feeds are directly taken from the official website of each broadcaster, available publicly.

What are you waiting for? Visit and enjoy the shows!


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