Discover the creative concept and graphics for Eurovision 2017

The team responsible for this year’s Eurovision creative concept Banda Agency + Republique have revealed a glimpse of how the graphics will look on-screen, as well as more details regarding the brand and logo for this year’s contest. 

The theme Celebrate Diversity and logo were presented during the Semi-Final Allocation draw held last Tuesday in Kyiv:

“The notion of celebrating diversity builds on last year’s theme of ‘Come Together’ and is at the heart of Eurovision values: it is all-inclusive and all about countries around Europe, and beyond, joining together to celebrate both our common ground and our unique differences, as well as some great music”, Executive Supervisor of the Eurovision Song Contest, Jon Ola Sand commented on the slogan.

You can watch a video presentation of the creative concept, featuring some animations, brand patterns and credit design below:


This year’s contest will take place under the motto Celebrate Diversity with the official logo based around a traditional Ukrainian bead necklace known as Namysto, a symbol of beauty and health. More than just a piece of jewellery, Namysto is a protective amulet and a symbol of beauty and health. It is made up of many different beads, each with its own design and celebrates both diversity and individuality.

“Incorporating this beautiful and meaningful logo based on a traditional amulet gives not only a sense of history and heritage but also a modern look and feel. As the production grows from these themes, we are very much looking forward to seeing what is sure to be a fantastic event in May”, Jon Ola Sand commented on the logo.


“The logo cleverly combines traditional and modern elements, reflecting Ukrainian society and the main leitmotif of Eurovision 2017 in Kyiv. We are delighted that two of Ukraine’s best creative agencies, Republique and Banda, united to produce this year’s slogan and design”, said Executive Producer Victoria Romanova.

You can find a photo gallery with the logo applied to different patterns below:

The Eurovision Song Contest 2017 will take place in Kiev on May 9, 11 and 13 with 43 countries taking part in the competition. The shows will be held in Kyiv’s International Exhibition Centre, which will have a capacity of 11.000 spectators.

About Belén García (Spain)

Belén García (Spain)

My name is Belén. I’m a musician and English teacher from Spain.

I have been following Eurovision since I was only 11 and the junior version since the beginning (expert of this contest). I love Eurovision because I love discovering new songs every year.

Before ESC+Plus, I have been part of very well-known websites about (Junior) Eurovision. Apart from writing, I love taking professional photos, designing and editing videos, I’m very creative!

I have already traveled to Eurovision and Junior Eurovision a few times and I highly recommend it! =)

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