Denmark: Lighthouse X are the winners of DMGP 2016!

The 46th edition of the Danish national selection for Eurovision have just come to an end. Lighthouse X are the chosen ones to represent Denmark in Stockholm!

Lighthouse X will perform “Soldiers of Love” at Eurovision 2016:

A total of 10 acts competed at today’s show:

  1. David Jay – Rays of Sunlight
  2. Simone – Heart Shaped Hole
  3. Bracelet – Breakaway
  4. Sophia Nohr – Blue Horizon
  5. Veronicas Illusion – The Wrong Kind
  6. Lighthouse x – Soldiers of Love
  7. Kristel Lisberg – Who Needs a Heart
  8. Jessica – Break it Good
  9. Muri & Mario – To Stjerner
  10. Anja Nissen – Never Alone

The winner has been chosen after two rounds of voting.  In the first round, the top three acts advanced to the super-final after a 50-50 public vote and professional jury combination:

  1. Lighthouse x – Soldiers of Love
  2. Simone – Heart Shaped Hole
  3. Anja Nissen – Never Alone

At the end of the show, the winner was selected solely by a public vote.

What do you think about the Danish choice? Do you think they will be back to the Eurovision grand final?

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