Bulgarian song for Junior Eurovision to be released on October 2

It’s only one week until we will be able to listen to the Bulgarian song for Junior Eurovision 2016 as the song will be premiered on October 2.

BNT has confirmed to ESC+Plus that “Magical Day”, performed by Lidia Ganeva, will be released at this day next week along with the official video clip which was recorded last week. The song premiere will take place early in the morning on the official Facebook page of BNT Eurovision.

You can watch a glimpse of the video shooting below:

In the meantime, you can listen to a snippet of “Magical Day” performed by Lidia in her hometown, Plovdiv, at the new school year celebrations:

Премиера на българската песен за Детска Евровизия 2016 в Малта

Премиера на българската песен за Детската Евровизия 2016! Lidia Ganeva / Лидия Ганева изненада съучениците си на 15-ти септември с изпълнение малка част от "Вълшебен ден". Репортаж на Dragomir Draganov за "Денят започва с култура" – културен слот, БНТ1. #Embrace #JESC2016 #Malta

Geplaatst door BNT Eurovision Bulgaria op donderdag 15 september 2016


The Bulgarian entry for Junior Eurovision 2016 is composed by Graffa – Vlamidmir Ampov with lyrics by Iliya Grigorov. “Magical Day” talks about how the children dream power can make the world a better place to live in, carrying a message of tolerance and hope. This year BNT has trusted in a new composer, Vladimir Ampov, because of his modern compositions.

Lidia Ganeva was selected as Bulgarian entrant for Junior Eurovision through an external selection procedure whose national final was three months ago.

What do you think about the Bulgarian song for Junior Eurovision 2016? Are you looking forward to listening to the full song?

Source : Image: Anna Velikova

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